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We have competent locksmiths and the capacity to provide 24/7 locksmith services

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Auto Locksmith

Want car lockout service and the best in trunk opening? Call our auto locksmith team

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Lock and Key Replacement

We are a company that specializes in lock and key replacement, not just for homes but also car and garage doors.

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Locksmith Kent

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Home lock repair, office safe installation and car ignition replacement are just some of our professional locksmith services. We are always available to help in case of lockout emergency. Our technicians fix and replace locks and keys of all types and brands in Washington without exception.

Address: Southeast 242nd Street
Kent, Washington
Zip code: 98030

Hours of Operation:

We accept Cash, credit card, etc.
For getting professional lock repair, rekey or replacement, use our locksmith services. We also handle keys. Do not wait any longer and give us a call now.

The issue of burglary has increased daily in the state of Washington where there have been cases of car robbery, house breakings and unauthorized access of documents. All this is been attributed to the locks and keys which are not reliable. Thanks to us you should not be afraid no more because the answer is now here just available next door and you do not have to look all over the world for the assuring solution. We are available through the information that is communicated to our customers through the various notices and advertisement made. In line with our services, they are readily available in the current market at good affordable prices which are friendly to anyone anywhere in the world in need of our most distinguished products. Locks are a key concern in our lives and the day to day activities because they are of great essence in securing our selves. To this concern, our company has been contracted by many of the motor industries to connect them with companies offering car lockouts, ignition keys and other parts within the motor industries where our company has complied and satisfied the wants of many of these companies in response to maintaining high security levels. We also are known to connect you with experts in lock replacement.

Our company has also advanced in the providence of other services linking you to locksmith dealing in break in repair, removal of breakages of broken keys in locks not to mention the technological linking of Locksmith Company Kent with those involved in the design of master locks and keys to increase security in organizations buildings and companies all over the state of Washington. Also, there is existence of emergency services where we aid client in locating products that has the ability to identify any breach of an organization locks by identifying companies which have advanced in technology.

Experienced locksmith services for high security locks.

When it comes to the field of professionalism, our company has been staffed well with a work force that is able to maintain high level of standards in the care and delivery of services starting from the lowest level of the casual workers to the high level of the management to the extent of working with 24 hours locksmith experts. This is done to meet the response of our clients and customers in need of our services. Indeed, we are the company that has been able to distinguish itself from others. trying to offer services like ours to the extent that we have maintained our recognition as one of the leading brands in the world today.  In relation to emergency services, there is networking and collaboration between us and emergency locksmith to address drastic measures such as fire outbreak, earthquakes and other accidents. Our company continuous to work with institutions, where they have relied on our abilities in out sourcing locksmith companies to satisfy their need. 

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