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Lock and Key Replacement

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It is no joke if your lock is busted or your key is stolen. It leaves your home vulnerable for intruders to sneak in. That is seriously no laughing matter. Thieves and burglars are certainly tempted to take some of your valuables as soon as they find an opening. While a lock and key are simple and straightforward tools, you have to admit that without them, your house would be quite defenseless. In case that one or both of them get damaged beyond repair, it is better to get them replaced.Lock and Key Replacement

You shouldn’t do just any kind of lock and key replacement, you have to choose one that the intruders won’t easily know how to dismantle. If you have no idea what to choose, luckily we can assist you. We, at “Locksmith Kent”, know just the right type of lock that will work well for your home. We have replaced plenty of passage, privacy, entry, deadbolt, surface-mounted, mortise, handleset, night latch, and dummy knob locksets. We have even managed to fix keyless locks but we don’t just specialize in door locksets, we can also install locksets for your storage equipment, such as cabinets, drawers and even safes.

Additional services:

At Locksmith Kent, we also specialize in making duplicates. It is always important to keep a spare key around so that in case of lost house keys you have spares at least. That way, you can still manage to enter your home. Apart from the residential lock and keys, we also replace commercial and even auto locksets. If you operate a retail store, we understand how important it is to keep your establishment safe – especially when your store is closed. You want to make sure that no one goes inside to steal any of your merchandise or earnings for the day. Luckily, we have the locksets that would fit your entryways perfectly.

We also have a lockout service 24/7. If you need to get your locks or keys fixed sooner, simply give us a call. We are also open to onsite consultations. We can take a look at the current condition of your entryways and recommend the ideal locksets for each of them. You can reach us by calling our landline number or sending an e-mail.

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