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If you want to find out information and answers to common questions about locks, read here. They are easy to understand, short in length and very helpful when you are encountering lock and key related issues.

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How to clean keys?

Keys should be cleaned to avoid deterioration and to make sure it works smoothly. Keys can be scrubbed clean using soap, water and a nylon brush. To avoid rust, heat the keys in a pot of vinegar for about 30 minutes. Once mixture is cool, rinse the keys in water and wipe the keys with paint thinner to remove grunge. After this, let the keys sit in a container filled with Coke overnight or 24 hours.

I don’t understand what a lock out is. What is it?

As explained by the professionals at Locksmith Kent, a lock out happens when you walk outside your house, but you realize that you forget the keys inside, or perhaps you lost it somewhere. Hiring the services of a reliable locksmith is the best option in this regard. Attempting to break in your home may be dangerous for you and for the security of your home.

Where should I keep the second ignition car key?

It's certainly not prudent keeping both ignition car keys at the same place. If you have one in your office briefcase, keep the other in your pocket or the office drawer. Whatever is more convenient depending on your lifestyle! You want to make sure you can have access if the current one is lost.

How should I reinforce my door locks?

Ensure that they are using the latest technology and are electronic. Also the levers should be at least three. Moreover you need to ensure that the lock is mortised. Beyond that; ensure that the door is sturdy and sticks properly to the frame.

How do I deal with a frozen lock?

The most important thing is to refrain from pushing the key inside (by using force) as you can break it. Applying heat to the lock isn’t a good idea since it is made of metal. Your best bet is to apply a deicer. If you don’t have it around, rub the lock with alcohol and then apply a bit of lubricant.

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