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Lock and key service handled by professional locksmiths.

Tips for lock maintenance and repair. The best ideas of how to keep your home well locked.

  • Keep your Locks and Keys in Order

    Organizing has so much to do in preventing a car, office, or home lockout. Always ensure that you keep your locks in perfect working order. There are maintenance routines that could essentially help. Also, your keys must be accessible yet kept in a discreet way. Keep them within reach but not too easy for potential thieves to access.

  • Check locks before vacations

    Make sure your home is secured before you take time off work and go away. Be sure all door locks are fine. All entrances must have good bolts and all alarm systems, motion/light detectors must be activated. Our specialists insist that your house must look as if it's inhabited.

  • Lock Rekey is the Best Choice

    When you have lost your keys, you might just go for buying new keys. However, before you do it, you might have to do lock rekey first. It is the easiest and cheapest way out. Our locksmith experts can do this in minutes.

  • Take security matters seriously

    Even if your family budget is limited getting good security door locks is important. If you cannot afford to have all the locks replaced, Locksmith Kent recommends rekeying them. Installing good locks and extra security systems should be your priority since it's related to your security.

  • Choosing the Right Lock

    There are several ways that you can determine if the lock that you’re about to choose is truly the right one for your house or for your business. Locksmith Kent recommends that you consider the following things: the kind of door that you will be using it for, the purpose, and the location. Garages and gates need heavy-duty bolts and regular doors need standard locks.

  • Easy Key Maintenance

    Keys don’t last forever. They also need to be maintained in a regular manner so that you won’t have any problems with broken keys and the like. Start by oiling your keys at least once a month, focusing on their teeth. Also, try to avoid putting them in any liquid that might cause rust. Although these are usually stainless, it doesn’t mean that rust won’t creep in.

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