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10/20/2013 Back To Blog

Are you tired of having to fumble for keys every time you have to unlock your door?  Well, locks that require keyed access are becoming more of a thing of the past. There is a new generation of locking systems that enable you to punch an alpha numeric code, swipe a card, or scan your fingerprints and retina. There are even some that enable you to lock and open the door by remote control. Locksmiths are forced to advance as well as to keep up with this technological era.  Here are some of the available options currently on the market.

Kwikset SmartScan

This biometric deadbolt locking system is by far one of the top of the line state-of-the-art technological advancements in the door lock industry.  This technology allows you to scan your fingerprints in order to access the door lock. They are available for residential as well as commercial use. Their features are capable of programming up to 50 uniquely identified fingerprints into the lockset system. The base price for this biometric deadbolt lock runs around $192.

Design House Electronic Keypad

This sophisticated locking mechanism operates through the use an alpha numeric keypad. You can find them at hardware centers such as Home Depot for somewhere around the area of $160. With this mechanism, you can program a numeric code that you and your family will remember. You can also program it for giving temporary access to those such as visitors and contractors. This keypad operated locking device has the capacity of programming up to 50 unique codes into the system.

Schlage Nexia Home Intelligence Lock

This piece of advanced technology gives you the option of using your smartphone to secure and unlock the door. It also enables you to monitor the usage; you can find out who has been accessing the entry and if and when they have been going in and out. These are good for the workplace where employers like to monitor the activity of their employees. You can also find them for $200.

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